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Bruise free Trnsport

Stebbins Transport

Stebbins Transport is a reliable  Cattle transport Company formed by Ardrossan Lowline Stud 18  years ago. In the early days of the Stud, when we needed to deliver either Lowline cattle or pregnant recipients safely to our clients, we endured many a bad driver, late delivery or run down truck.

We knew our cattle and clients deserved better and so pursued the idea of designing a cattle crate that we felt gave bruise free comfort to the cattle as well as safety to the driver.

Our son, Chris, had been driving trucks since he got his truck licence at aged 18, and had a real knowledge of what was needed as he had helped run the Stud from 1992.  We bought a chassis and Chris designed and built the truck to suit our needs.

Having now married, he now runs Stebbins Transport, together with his wife, Donna, independently from the Stud.

His pride in the presentation of his truck and his professional management of the cattle, from paddock to destination,  is in demand for Stud Sales, Shows  and Stud to Stud deliveries.

He is also available for Hay pick up and delivery within Victoria and can be contacted on

Ph. M0417 304094