USA Import Protocol

Exporting Animals to the USA

American Lowline breeders wishing to import animals from Australia, should be aware of
changes in the protocol brought about by the USDA.

The protocol now includes:-
Australian animals to be exported to the USA will need to be kept in an
Australian Quarantine Inpection Service (AQIS)
certified quarantine paddock* on farm for 4 months.

They are then to be tested for TB, even though Australia undertook a TB eradification
programme years ago and there is no known Boving TB in Australia.
A minimum of Sixty (60) days after the first (negative) test a second TB test is taken.
Testing prior to 60 dayscould give a false/positive result.
Upon receipt of the 2nd negative TB test the animals
then leave the farm of origin and are taken to another AQIS approved quarantine centre, closer to Melbourne,
for 60 days, where they undergo more tests.
With a negative result,they are then flown to the USA (usually Los Angeles quarantine centre).
They spend another 30 days there and are then available to be picked up by the new owner.

All cattle for the USA leave Australia from Melbourne in the State of Victoria.

As Ardrossan Stud has experience in exporting Lowline cattle to China, New Zealand as well as the USA,
we have set up AQIS Approved quarantine paddocks and have a nearby AQIS approved Vet,
experienced in the export of all breeds of cattle, who does all our testing.
We have indoor concrete floored cattle yards,race, crush with scales and high pressure hoses for cleaning.
As Ardrossan Stud is close to the other AQIS approved quarantine centre and Melbourne Airport,
and have our own method of AQIS approved transport,

we are able to offer
our cattle handled in a familiar, stress free environment,at a reasonable rate.
Our cattle will be halter trained and prepared using our export preparation programme.
Every effort is made to ensure the new owner receives the animals in the condition they leave Ardrossan.

* A Certified Quarantine Paddock must be double fenced with fences 3 metres or 9 feet apart.
Signs must be attached to all gates signifying No Entry by Unauthorized Persons.

A book is kept for visitors to sign in on visiting Ardrossan Stud.
No nose to nose contact with other animals is allowed.No shared water trough is allowed.
Paddock must be on the highest part of the farm with no run off from other paddocks.
Access from the paddock to the cattle yards must not be through other paddocks or over ground
that other animals have access to.

 Cattle yards should be concrete floored to enable
washing down before and after use by quarantined animals.