Ardrossan Peter (ARD M002)

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ARD M002

GeneStar   Tenderness  7 star   Marbling  0 star   Feed Efficiency  7 star

“Pete” was born on Fathers Day in 1992 and the children  named him after their father.  He was a stunning calf and had that special cuteness and  “look at me” presence. He was weaned at an early age as he was showing all the signs of a mature bull. We carted him around everywhere in a horse float, exhibiting him at Field Days, School Fetes, Art Shows and Agricultural Shows, even though we did not compete in the judging as there was no classes. People could not believe how quiet he was.  In those days Dexters were the only small cattle that anyone knew about and we looked upon them as our “competition”,  and I remember being horrified when Pete was stalled next to a Dexter Bull at Seymour Alternative Farming Field Days. But it worked to our advantage, and visitors to our site remarked that “they would rather have a steak off Pete than the bull next to him”.

“Pete” was one of the first bulls in the Lowline herd to be collected and has gone on to prove our faith in him as a wonderful Sire. His temperament was exceptional and anyone could walk up to him in the paddock as he awaited a scratch. He was the centre piece and mainstay of our Stud, and a pleasure to handle. He knew when it was joining time for a flush programme and if multiple cows were to be joined, he knew that he was allowed only two jumps and showed no resistance when taken away to rest, awaiting the next cow to be served.
We always  get a thrill  when we are mixing with Lowline breeders throughout Australia to hear comments made to us about how happy  breeders are with their “Pete” progeny.

 “Pete” had been working over Holstein/Hereford cows but a  shoulder injury he sustained on his return to the “Bull  Paddock” meant constant soreness and with a cold Winter in front of him, it was decided to release him from all pain.

At 10 years of age Pete had been  a much loved part of our family and we  miss him greatly.

A proven bull, with perfect temperament, who has sired mainly heifers with low birth weight.

  • Ideal to use over Heifers
  • Ideal to maintain size of Dam
  • Ideal to improve temperament
  • His bull calves make ideal steers for restaurants

Semen, Australia Only, priced at :
Stud  $80
Commercial $15 (Min 20 straws)

Available From:
Agri-Gene Pty. Ltd.
123-125 Tone Road,
Wangaratta, Vic. 3677 Ph 03 5722 2666


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