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Ardrossan Online Semen Listing

                Ardrossan Stud

We have collected semen from the following proven bulls, as we feel they compliment each other in diverse genetics and type. Progeny from our bulls collected for the USA are now proving themselves in the Show Ring, as well as making improved differences in many Lowline herds.

We have quality straws available from:-

  ARD M002

Ardrossan Peter (dec'd)

(Aust. only)

GeneStar  T 7   0    FE 7

ARD R033

Ardrossan Richmond (Dec'd)

(Canada,NZ & Aust)

GeneStar   T  6     M  3    FE 6

ARD Z206

Ardrossan Neron

(Aust & USA)

GeneStar   T 5    M 3    FE 6

ARD Z214

Ardrossan Nhance

(Aust & USA)   

GeneStar   T 5   M 2     FE 6

ARD A221

Ardrossan Thundercloud    (All sold)

(Aust & USA)

GeneStar   T 6     M 0     FE 7

ARD  B261

Ardrossan   Jamberoo 

 (Northern America, Aust, NZ, Sth America, Canada in 2010,
 All countries except EU)

GeneStar       T 3      M 5           FE 8

ARD C302

Ardrossan Lincoln (ET)

Available North America
Hip Height:  125cms/49"          Scr:  43cms
Weight:   702kg/1547lbs

ARD D332

Ardrossan Orient

Available UK,   EU   and    USA

Hip Height: 124cms/49"        Scr: 45cms

Weight:   782kg/1723lbs