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Ardrossan Live Animal Sales

We currently have available, a good selection of  bulls suitable for Stud & Commercial purposes.

We also have weaned  heifers and heifers in calf available. Details will be appearing soon.

 In the meantime.....

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Thundercloud Heifers

We have the following quality cows available for your selection.

ARD A238 Ardrossan Trixina            

Sire: BAS U090       Dam: ARD V104


Marbling 4           Tenderness      Feed Efficiency 4  


ARD A250 Ardrossan Topnotch       

 Sire: ARD R033       Dam: ARD X163


GeneStar  Marbling              Tenderness        Feed Efficiency 4  

ARD A251 Ardrossan Tulip              

Sire: EUN T003       Dam: BMM L001

GeneStar   Marbling            Tenderness        Feed Efficiency 4  


ARD B274 Ardrossan Jennah         

Sire: ARD Z210       Dam: ARD W154

GeneStar   Marbling 4              Tenderness 4         Feed Efficiency 4  

In calf, due April 2011

ARD B276 Ardrossan Janna           

 Sire: ARD Z210       Dam: ARD Y194

GeneStar  Marbling 4                Tenderness  4          Feed Efficiency 4  

ARD B280 Ardrossan Jillayne        

Sire: ARD X158       Dam: ARD Z213

GeneStar   Marbling              Tenderness          Feed Efficiency 4  


Ausmerica Alliance Cattle for Sale

Ausmerica Alliance Lowline Stud

has for sale

Heifers and bulls sired by the following Australian Lowline Bulls:-

ARD R033    Ardrossan Richmond

ARD M002   Ardrossan Peter

ARD B266   Ardrossan Jimbeen

ARD B261   Ardrossan Jamberoo

CPS Z016    Colombo Park Zeffirelli

Also available are pregnant recipients with embryos from Australian Donor cows and sired by Australian bulls:-

ARD A221    Ardrossan Thundercloud

ARD Z214    Ardrossan Nhance

ARD B261   Ardrossan Jamberoo

Grade 1 Embryos, sired by  the above bulls, are also available, with discounts for bulk orders.

Contact Gary on Cell 2183487877