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Ardrossan Online Embryo Listing

Purchasing embryos is the most cost effective way to infuse totally new genetics into your Lowline herd.

  U.S.A Registered Embryos

Following the successful release and sale by Private Treaty of our embryos in The USA, we now only have a small number of 
Export Quality ,Grade 1 Embryos from the following GeneStar rated, proven donor cows and their matings:-

ARD Y196 - Ardrossan Kudos     

x   ALS R012     -   Avonsleigh Atlas     Only 5 Left

Kudos in paddock - Click for full size image GeneStar   Tenderness 5 star        Marbling 1 star

ARD X181- Ardrossan Isadora    

x   ALS Q001     -   Avonsleigh Julius   11 available

x   ARD B261 Ardrossan Jamberoo   ALL SOLD

x   ARD Z214 Ardrossan Nhance   ALL SOLD

Isadora - Click for full size image GeneStar   Tenderness 2 star        Marbling 2 star        Feed Efficiency 7 star

ARD V108 - Ardrossan Geisha    

x   GOZ Y105     -   Vitulus Yes Yes Yes - All SOLD

x GLD A002      -    Glenleed William - All SOLD

Geisha GeneStar    Tenderness 7 star     Marbling  3 star Feed Efficiency 6 star

ARD Z204 -Ardrossan Nardia   

   x   GOZ Y105     -  Vitulus Yes Yes Yes            Only 3 left

   x   CPS Z107     -  Colombo Park Zeffirelli                ALL SOLD

Narnia - Click for full size image GeneStar   Tenderness 4 star     Marbling  3 star     Feed Efficiency       7 star

BAS P004- B.A.Opal Nera         

   x   GOZ Y105      -  Vitulus Yes Yes Yes    6 Available

   x   ABF P105       -  Brambletye Pancho   All SOLD

   Nerax  ARD C304      -  Ardrossan Lucksafortune  ALL SOLD 

 GeneStar   Tenderness 2 star&nbs

Our Latest Additions

TRA M275  -  Portia

x  CPS Z017 Colombo Park Zeffirelli    ALL SOLD

x ARD C303 Ardrossan Longfella (last from this Foundation cow now dec'd) ALL SOLD

      GeneStar  Tenderness         Marbling   

ARD W150 - Ardrossan Heiress

x  ALS R012  Avonsleigh Atlas        ALL SOLD

 GeneStar   Tenderness     Marbling    Feed Eff. 

All the above embryos, collected under USA Protocol, are reasonably priced at $US1000 - Certificates $US100. 

All embryos are stored at Universal Semen Sales Ph. Karen Or Jack on 1800 2278774

Please contact us for current prices of Findon sired embryos.

KPS W019 - Kimbolton Harmony

ARD U088 Ardrossan Findon        ALL SOLD

    GeneStar   Tenderness   Marbling    Feed Eff. 

ABF U350 - Brambletye Bronwyn 15th

ARD U088 Ardrossan Findon   All SOLD

x  ARD A245 Ardrossan Tigertim           Only 3 left

 Bronwyn's Photo to come  GeneStar  Tenderness     Marbling    Feed Eff.

ARD T065 - Ardrossan Delvene

x ARD U088 Ardrossan Findon

       All SOLD

Tenderness                  Marbling    

ARD Y194 - Ardrossan Kameo  (Photo to come) 

x   KPS Y039  -  Kimbolton Kriskringle     All SOLD


Ausmerica Alliance Lowline Embryos Available

Ausmerica Alliance Lowline Stud

have collected the following embryos in the USA

ARD X181 Ardrossan Isadora  X  ARD B261 Ardrossan Jamberoo

ARD X181 Ardrossan Isadora  X  ARD Z214 Ardrossan Nhance

Ardrossan Isadora

ARD Z204 Ardrossan Nardia  X  ARD Z206 Ardrossan Neron

Ardrossan Nardia

ARD Z204 Ardrossan Nardia  X  ARD A221 Ardrossan Thundercloud


ARD C301 Ardrossan Lulu  X  ARD Z206 Ardrossan Neron

Ardrossan Lulu

KPS W019 Kimbolton Harmony  X  ARD B261 Ardrossan Jamberoo

Kimbolton Harmony

 We have pleasure in offering
a totally new combination of proven genetics
A basket of 4 Grade 1 embryos
Of the mating

Ardrossan Lizabet (ARD C296) & Ardrossan Olympus (ARD D366)

A.Lizabet *Sire - RCS Y112 WP Prince Albert *Dam - RCS W057 WP Marie,
is the result of new genetics introduced into Ardrossan Stud in 2007. Both parents are deep, long bodied cattle with plenty of muscle.
Lizabet’s conformation reflects her parentage and her early maturity and fertility is exhibited in the 3.7 calves she has had at 5½ years of age.


A.Olympus *Sire - ABC Y106 BC Manfred *Dam STC Y040 SC Delta Crucis

With a Hip Height of 45” and Length of 51”, Olympus is also the result of new genetics introduced into Ardrossan Stud in 2008.
The grandson of Ardrossan Findon, a Grand Champion in his own right, this bull exhibits the excellent traits of his very successful GGDam, Ardrossan Carla, dam of many Champions and still alive at 17, with muscle expression, good feet, excellent temperament, above average daily weight gain on grass and an all over lovely bull.

These grass raised genetics represent some of the best genetics Ardrossan Stud has to offer.
If you are looking to improve your herd with productive, easy care cattle with a genetic edge, then these embryos are for you.