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January 21st
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February 27th

Sungold Field Days at Allansford, Vic.

Sungold Field Days, which runs over three days in late February, is held in the centre of the biggest dairy area in Australia.

Ardrossan Lowline Stud has exhibited there for the last 4 years with great success.

The main purpose of our exhibit is to show that Lowline bulls are ideal for using over dairy heifers for ease of calving.

This year our exhibit consisted of an 11 year old  Lowline cow and her 3 week old calf and a two year old Lowline bull.

After our two recent trips to the USA, we were thrilled to be visited at the site by an American farmer from Minnesota, who was visiting the area and staying with a Jersey breeder.  The American farmer told us he  turns over 1600 cattle a year.

He was so intrigued with our cattle that he returned to our site 3 times in the one day and has told us he intends to contact our friends/  clients in the U.S to discover  Lowline cattles' place in the U.S. beef market.
We hope to hear back  favourable from him soon.

Requests for the Lease of our Lowline bulls to go over small mobs of cattle were also received at Sungold.
A lot of small mob cattle  farmers are quite relieved to know they can lease a bull instead of purchasing one, which only gets used for 6 weeks of the year  and then is a nuisance for the rest of the year, requiring a separate paddock for its exclusive use.