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Heytesbury Show 2008

We have been approached by two young girls, Marianna and Jasmine,who are interested in working with our cattle.
Their enthusiasm has impressed us and so we have offered to teach them basic cattle handling.

We selected a 7 month old bull and an 8 month old heifer which had been taught basic tie up and handling the week previous.
We had a local show occuring the following weekend, so the girls set their sights on attending in the Handlers class.
On the previous weekend and most nights after school they visited the farm, cleaning the show gear and training their animals and themselves how to handle the calves. Both animals and girls progressed very well with a pretend show ring on the front lawn used to stand the cattle up.

On the Friday before the show, they arrived after school with their show clothes, washed and dried the animals, packed their gear into the car and stayed the night at the farm in readiness for an early start.

Saturday they were up at 6.30am, had breakfast and then a quick hot air blow of their animals to remove the overnight bedding, and onto the trailer for the trip to the Show.

On arrival, the girls found a place to tie up their animals and give them a final brush, fit their show gear and were ready for the ring.

We find that the classes are not Handler classes but Calf Classes and the rest of the competitors are all Dairy calves. The classes are broken into age groups of the animals and bull and heifer classes.The girls thought they would be in the same class as they are both the same age and were going to give each other support. However, one is in a heifer class and one in a bull class.

Jasmine takes Lulu into the heifer class with 12 entries. The Holstein heifers dwarf her heifer, but she did a great job handling the energetic heifer and is excited to be placed 5th with glowing comments from the Judge.

Marianna then takes Lincoln into the bull class and expertly handles him to take 1st Prize. She, too, is excited and was then told to take him into the Champion class against the other class winners. She is then elated to win Champion Bull.

Friends from School are there to admire both girls, knowing this was their first showing,  and Marianna wears the broad ribbon around her neck for the rest of the show.

Both girls made lovely Thank You cards and brought gifts in appreciation of the help we had given them. We hope to orgaize for them to attend the Beef Cattle Handler School held during the mid year school holidays.


Ardrossan Lulu is now in Minnesota, USA and has had a heifer calf. She has joined our team of Lowlines under the Ausmerica Alliance Lowline Stud  banner.

Ardrossan Lincoln had his semen   collected  for the European Union market.