Ardrossan Bulls

Lowline Cattle Meet Todays  Beef Market

In 2007, Commercial Lowline Bulls have been used widely in the South West Dairy area of Victoria, Australia.
Word is being spread that these bulls, used over heifers, will give the dairy farmer peace of mind at calving time. As well as easy calving, the heifer gets into the milking shed quicker , reaches her peak earlier and returns to cycle earlier,  because of the easier calving.
One dairy farmer is even using Lowline bulls over his F1 Angus/Holstein cows and heifers to produce vealers that meet the current market grid of 300 - 350kg live weight. in shorter time.
Because of the current demand for lighter finished vealers, Lowline and Lowline cross cattle will be in high demand, due to their ability to finish earlier.
GeneStar Feed Efficency ratings will play a big part in the future of beef production and Ardrossan cattle have been proven to meet this demand.

F1 Cows with Lowline X calves

Typical Lowline X calf