Twin Heifer Calves

Twin Lowline Heifer Calves

We were excited recently when the lovely productive cow, 2004
drop, Z213 Ardrossan Narelle calved recently, presenting us with twin heifer
calves by Ardrossan Richmond.
I had noticed the day before she calved that
she was not 100% and thought I would bring her into the crush the next
day and get the Vet.

  Teaghan (3) cuddles Olinda

However, she had starting calving the next morning and finished by
lunch time, sitting down resting after her big effort. I noticed that
the first calf seemed to wander off and she didn't worry about it
but stayed close to the second calf born. She also had not got rid
of her afterbirth some hours after calving. She showed soreness in
the udder, so I brought her and her two calves into the crush
and put both calves onto her. She had saliva coming from her mouth
and still looked forelorn. 

Narelle with tea on her face and twins

The Vet was summoned and  diagnosed Acute Metritis
with a Temperature of 40 degrees C, and LOA (Left displaced stomache).
She was placed on antibiotics and anti inflammatory injections with a view of
to surgery when her temperature had gone down. We put her and the twins
in a fenced in shed with close access to the cruch for the daily injections
and when the Vet visited 2 days later,miraculously, her stomache had returned to normal, as had her temperature.
She is now happy feeding both heifers but we have kept her in a small paddock,
with ad lib silage, near the house so that we can keep an eye on her as well as give her extra
nourishment to keep the twins feeding well.

Karlee, Teaghan and Brodie play with the twins

The twins Olinda and Olanda were 16 (35lb) and 16.5(36lb) kgs born and have shiney coats and are
gaining weight and size every day.
As at 6th July, they weighed 27.5 kg/60.5 pounds each