NWSS Denver 2009


NWSS Denver, Colorado 2009

         Arriving at Denver this year was totally different from the two previous Winter visits we have made to the State.
Brown grass instead of deep snow drifts and warmer temperature allowing for lighter clothes to be worn.

        Monday, our first full day saw Gary, Peter and I catch up at the Stock show to view the cattle on show and visit with friends we had made in previous years.

       The quality of the cattle was again very good and we had fun seeking out progeny of our Australian bulls of which we were very proud. Recognition of the high standard of our bulls' progeny was apparent when speaking to various breeders and future interest and sales are assured.

      A Lowline social was held Monday night and Heidi Cory, Australia's Young Ambassador was introduced to the breeders who were very impresed in the way she conducted hereself.

   Heidi at the Dinner

       Sky Battles, the 2008 USA Ambassador also gave an account of her stay in Australia and both vibrant girls joined us, together with Sky's father, for dinner.

    Heidi & Sky

       It snowed Monday night prior to the sale, although not enough to stop breeders turning their cattle out
perfectly to enter the sales ring. 

      Prices for the 63 Lots achieved at the sale of Lowline stock on Tuesday, which included 2 Lots - a flush and a pregnant recipient we had entered, confirmed the recognition of our Lowline genetics. Many bidders were registered on line and the 300-400 sale ring seats soon filled up. 

  Heidi in Denver sales ring

     Even experiencing the economic downturn that the World presently finds itself in, the prices received for all Lowline stock was promising.

     Having attended an Angus Auction and speaking to producers of other breeds later
in the week, the prices achieved at the Lowline Auction were firm compared to the
soft prices received at other sales.

     After the Auction the ALR General Meeting was held with a good attendance. The new President, Brian Walters, ran the meeting professionally and it was soon time to join the members at a Breeders Reception held at the hotel.

     On Wednesday, we attended the Percentage Lowline show and then visited with more breeders.
That evening we enjoyed sharing a seafood meal with
a group of 10 breeders where an exchange of ideas over a few drinks was enlightening.

     With an 8am start to the Fullblood Show we were out and about early.

  MCR Opinionated - Neron son

Heidi had cattle to show for the EZ Ranch and
was quietly excited about the day ahead. She had already picked out her favorite animals during her stay at the EZ Ranch.

     Looking over the standard of the cattle shown and the Judges decisions,
it seems that larger framed Lowline cattle are popular, due to the commercial attractions of the breed.

 Jana and Neron daughter