Dairy heifers

We recently visited one of our local bull buying clients who has just purchased his 4th
Ardrossan Lowline bull and hired a 5th Lowline bull.

He is a dairy farmer and uses the Lowline bulls over both his Holstein heifers for ease of calving, as well as over F1 Holstein/Angus heifers.

He had previously expressed great excitement and satisfaction at the resultant calves and our visit was to see for ourselves the type of calves his herd was producing and under what conditions.

This experienced dairy farmer lives on the Great Ocean Road, and his farm experiences high rainfall and prevailing winds coming straight off Bass Strait and the Antarctic in Winter.
As soon as we entered the paddock we could see the Lowline infusion in the calves which were on Holstein/Angus heifers. Their heads were typical of the Lowline breed and their rumps were rounded out with plenty of muscle definition extending down their hind legs. These calves were only 3 –4 months old but already showing early maturity and will in no time reach their target weight.

The heifer portion will be retained for joining once again to a Lowline bull and the steers will be sold over the scales.

We look forward to following their progress through to maturity.