Carcase Comp

For the second year since we moved into the South West of Victoria, we entered the Noorat Show Carcase Competition in October.
This competition is judged on the hoof – not led, but in the sale yards and then judged by a different judge in the chiller after it has been killed, hung and split.
Peter and I each selected a steer from the 20 we have ready for sale at the moment and took them to the Competition. We entered in the Light Yearling (Liveweight 270-370kg) (594-814lbs) P8 Fat 4-12mm Milk Teeth only, class.
Peter selected an Angus/Lowline Cross and I selected a Black Baldy/Lowline cross.
At the Presentation Dinner we were thrilled to receive 2nd and 3rd prize in our Section.
Our steers did not do so well in the Hoof section but excelled in the Hook section – where we want to do well.
As you can read, their marks were very similar with the Angus/Lowline picking up a point for marbling as it was 3 months older.
These results have given us enthusiasm to enter more Lowline bred cattle in the future.

Noorat Beef Carcase Comp 2007
  LWT KG    CWT   Dres%       P8 FatRib Fat Butt shape Ribeye Musc Area EMA Retail Yield  Live Yield EMA %ile Meat colour Fat Colour Marbling Total Points 
 Peter 330   185      56.1 4-12mls 3-8mls C 57cm sq 69.9           39.2 76 1C 2 1 79.7
 Jeanette 325   183      56.3 4 - 12mls 3-8mls C 57cm sq70.4            39.6 74 1B 2 0 78.6