Ausmerica Alliance expands

Ausmerica Alliance Lowline Stud Expands

After being in our Ardrossan quarantine paddocks for 12 months, due to a change in the American Export Protocol, our 4 cows Harmony, Nardia, Isadora and Lulu flew out of Australia in May, 2009 for their new home in Minnesota.
Even though Isadora was pregnancy tested as Not in Calf at the AQIS Quarantine Centre, Harmony, Nardia, Isadora and Lulu were again tested at their new home and are all were in  calf for a  USA Fall calving.
These cows  joined Jennavieve, Uluru and Jamberoo as our foundation herd of Australian cows under the
Ausmerica Alliance Lowline Stud banner.

We also have calves from our embryos implanted in Minnesota and have just implanted more embryos to calve Spring, 2010.

Harmony calved on 1st September and had a bull calf to Ardrossan Richmond.

Nardia calved on 16th September, and had a heifer calf to Ardrossan Jimbeen.

Lulu also calved on 16th September and had a heifer calf to Ardrossan Peter.

Isadora calved on 13th November and had a heifer calf to Ardrossan Richmond.

These cows have now entered an Embryo collection Centre and will be flushed to Ardrossan bulls. Embryos and pregnant recipients will be available in the US in the Fall.