Fertility Test

Fertility Test

Bull Fertility Test

To satisfy an inquiry from a Nebraskan ShortCattleman, who was seeking to improve
the marbling genes in his Shorthorn cattle, our bull, Ardrossan Jamberoo, has just undergone
a Repro test on his semen.

   Jamberoo at 18 months

This test examines the fresh semen to discover whether the
semen contains the Heparin Binding Protein.

Scientific data has proven that this protein, only possessed by 75% of bulls of all breeds, is an indication of fertility.

Profitability to be gained in the female herd are:-

                *  Cows sired by bulls with the Heparin Binding Protein are more fertile. 

                *  These cows have an increased first service conception rate.

                *  They have increased weaning weights.

                *  Fewer replacements are needed to maintain constant herd size.

   ****Ardrossan Jamberoo's semen contains  Heparin Binding Protein****

 Breeders who purchase Ardrossan Jamberoo semen for use over their females are, not only using

>>>>>>>>  a bull with exceptional Gene Star DNA markers,

>>>>>>>>a bull whose Marbling GeneStar of 5 is superior to Breed averages, as published on the Catapult website,                    Australian Angus, Charolais, Hereford, Murray Grey, Shorthorn and other breeds.

>>>>>>>>a bull with Feed Efficiency GeneStar rating of 8/8 that cannot be beaten

>>>>>>>>a bull with diverse genetics containing no J222 Admiral

>>>>>>>>a bull with a Granddam who has produced many Australian Grand Champions


>>>>>>>>  a bull with proven fertility, exceeded by no other in the breed.