2011 Denver & Texas Sales

 Ardrossan Lowline Stud offered  at the NWSS Lowline Sale at Denver in January, 2011

3 Grade 1 embryos

Dam: Ardrossan Carla   Sire: Ardrossan Tigertim



Star of Texas Lowline Sale

March, 2011 

Ausmerica Alliance Lowline Stud


Embryo Package (1)

 4 Grade 1 embryos
Dam:Ardrossan Isadora Sire: Ardrossan Jamberoo

SOLD $US1050 each

Embryos Package (2)

 4 Grade 1 embryos
Dam: Ardrossan Nardia Sire: Ardrossan Neron

SOLD $US1300 each

Sale Average $795 each

2 FullBlood Bulls
Sold    $US2800   &   $US3400

Sale Average $US2550

Denver Lowline Sale 2011

Once in a Lifetime Embryo Opportunity


Ausmerica Alliance Lowline Stud offered at Denver

embryos collected in the US. 

Dam: Ardrossan Isadora  Sire: Ardrossan Nhance

Dam: Kimbolton Harmony    Sire:  Ardrossan Jamberoo


Denver 2011 Lowline Sale

You Can’t Afford to Miss this Heifer

SOLD $US5200 

Ausmerica Alliance Lowline Stud take pride in offering the following:-

A heifer pregnancy due April, 2011.

This pregnancy will be calved down and the heifer calf reared until weaning.
It does not include the recipient cow.

Breeding of the Heifer -
Once again we have chosen Isadora to represent our Stud.

Dam: Ardrossan Isadora ARD X181

 Isadora, now resident in the US, is one of only 2 heifer calves produced by Broken Arrow Opal Nera. Isadora is a half sister to Ardrossan Neron and related to Ardrossan Jamberoo, two bulls that have proven themselves in the United States.
Isadora, like her dam, has a wonderful temperament. She is the "complete" cow,  with fertility, feminity, perfect udder, great feet, depth and muscling and a milk supply to grow a calf out to its fullest potential. Isadora has produced some amazing calves, all of which have a valued place in our herd.
Isadora’s sire Eungella Trentham was Res Champion Bull at Melbourne Royal as a Junior and Grand Champion Bull at Adelaide Royal as a Senior as well as winning many other Championships. With his perfect temperament, he was the pride of the Stud. 

Sire: Ardrossan Jamberoo ARD B261

Jamberoo’s dam, Ardrossan Nardia, now resident in the US, is a daughter of Ardrossan Carla, Gr dam of Findon Royale.
Jamberoo’s sire, Ardrossan Neron, has already proven himself in the US with multiple winners in the show ring.
Jamberoo has proved our faith in him when selected as a calf to be exported to the US. He has a wonderful temperament, expressive muscling, sure footed and is very fertile, possessing the heparin protein, which passes his fertility on to his progeny of both sexes. He has proved himself in the show ring, siring the Grand Champion Fullblood Heifer at Iowa Jnr. Nationals. Comments from Breeders who have used Jamberoo semen on their herd say he “cleans up fronts, adds a very feminine head to heifers and improves the all over look of his calves”. He was also chosen by a Shorthorn breeder to use over commercial cattle for grassfed beef production. A complete bull.