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Lowline Breed Information

http://lowline.une.edu.au - Lowline Home

For the small acreage owner Australian Lowline Cattle –

  • Offer a better $ per acre return than larger conventional cattle

  • The general rule is that 10 Lowline cattle can be run where 6 normal cattle graze

  • Freezer size carcase for those wanting to produce their own beef

  • A polled (no horns) animal with a quiet temperament, easily handled with a minimum of equipment needed.

  • Cows calve easily as the calves average 22kg birth weight compared to larger breeds whose calves weigh in the 40 – 50 kg range

  • An animal producing smaller cuts of tasty tender beef, sought after by today’s discerning beef connoisseur

  • Bulls suitable for commercial use over heifers of all breeds to ensure ease of calving