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Ardrossan Lowline Stud

Ardrossan Lowline Stud

 Victoria's Foundation Stud and a Foundation Member of the Australian Lowline Cattle Society (ALCA) since inception, was started in 1992 by Jeanette & Peter Stebbins together with their son Chris, with the purchase of 2 Lowline Females in calf.

Our family

With the introduction of embryo transfer, the Stud was soon able to build up its herd to over 180 Lowline breeders,  but now runs 88  Lowline breeders and 33 Commercial breeders. All commercial breeders are sired by Lowline bulls. 

We have just welcomed our 500th Lowline calf

Established originally at Emu Creek and then expanding to nearby Strathfieldsaye in Central Victoria, Ardrossan Lowline Stud has now moved to the fertile South West coast of Victoria in the historic Heytesbury Settlement area at Princetown, where a more reliable rainfall average of 40” is experienced.

One of 12 Apostles

The Heytesbury Settlement was established by the Government to allow soldiers returning from World War II to enter a ballot for a block to allow them a chance to settle themselves into a productive lifestyle to ensure their family’s future. The land had to be cleared by the soldiers and basic design housing was provided by the Government at minimal cost. At the completion of this work, a prosperous dairying area was established. World’s best practices have been incorporated into the area with genetics and infrastructure resulting in the highly productive area it is today.

Fertile pastures 

With the renown 12 Apostles rock formations sitting close to the coastline, the area is also a popular tourist destination, bringing many overseas visitors each day as they drive along the scenic Great Ocean Road.

The Stud is nestled in the picturesque, gently rolling hills of the Otway Ranges, which meander down to the famous Great Ocean Road extending along the Bass Strait coastline. This area is the largest Dairy area in Australia and the Stebbins’ have  converted the dairy farm into a beef property, using all the dairy infrastructure of paddock layout to aid in ease of handling of the cattle. The roofed dairy has  now an undercover set of bruise-free steel cattle yards, parallell squeeze crush, complete with scales and an export accredited laboratory for the collection of embryos.

All spring fed dams and creeks are fenced off from the cattle, to encourage a safe area for natural predators of pests to exist. As the Stud is situated opposite a rain forest, many species of birds, including kookaburras/kingfishers, black cockatoos, curlews, currawong, honeyeaters finches, robin and wrens are enjoyed both for their colour and song. Windbreaks of cypress and eucalypts are strategically placed around the property, giving protection in both Summer and Winter.

Shelter belts

The Stud is designed with a central laneway running from the stockyards  at the front,  1.6km to the back of the property. Two small lanes run off the central lane to access paddocks not adjacent to the main laneway. The property is divided solely by 2 and 3 strand electric fences into 29 cells/paddocks, each with its own gravity fed water trough. This allows stress free, ease of movement of the cattle.

This attractive, fertile environment encourages the creation of contented, productive cattle.